Welcome to Bali Products Wholesale and Manufacture

Since years ago, Bali products business is among of the Balinese subsistence aside from tourism business. In general, Bali products take its own place as an export commodity that accounts high percentage of foreign exchange to Indonesia. Many overseas buyers come to Bali to buy these products and re sell them in their Countries.

Bali products business is actually based on home business. There are only a few number of wholesaler who have their own work shop. The art shops you've seen along tegalalang main road are mostly as showrooms for these kind of products which actually produced in remote villages by local craftsmen. It is hard enough to find out the direct manufacturer. Local Government has taken several actions to support this business expansion by intensify the promotion to reach more selling.

We launch this site to announce that we are one of the Bali wholesale products who has our own work shop. We produce our customers order directly so that we can offer better prices and could maintain our product's qualities. Our workshops are in the art village area, Ubud.

Learning from the past, we know the general problems which are encountered by overseas buyers in doing their Bali products business. Shipping, production time and product's quality are among of the problems. And we come with the solutions. We will make sure all of your business process in Bali as easy as you could imagine and will present a good achievement. We will control all the process of production, quality as well as shipping process.

Simply contact Us and discuss what are your problems in this business in the past and we will make sure that won't happen again in the future.